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wine jellies


La Boutique del Gusto is producing and selling also a large selection of wine jellies, all produced by artisanal way in our laboratory without preservatives or colouring matter, but only using first choice wine. On our catalogue you will find of course many other products and delicatessen of italian and international cousine, that you can easily purchase directly through our website and get them quickly at your home.

On our website you will find jelly by Vinsanto, jelly by Sauternes, jelly by Prosecco, by Chardonnay, by Brunello, by Classical Chianti and many others.

The wine jelly can be compared to a good jam too, but produced with wine. In fact we use first choice wine, sugar and fruit pectin. The wine has to boil quickly with sugar to lose no organoleptic characteristics. During this process the alcohol evaporates completely and so it's considered a non-alcoholic product.
Our jellies contain no preservatives or colouring matter and they are produced in artisanal way without machineries but all by hand. It's a versatile product, matching well with cheeses and game charcuterie. The perfect, classical combination is and remains the cheese.
Some of jellies with stronger flavours like jelly by Vinsanto and by Sauternes are perfect with matured hard paste cheeses as for example a Parmesan Reggiano, the different matured Pecorino, Montasio, Asiago, Provolone etc., but they are excellent with "erborinati" cheeses too.
While other delicate jellies as by Prosecco, by Chardonnay, by Brunello and by Classical Chianti are better with softer cheeses. Absolutely not to forget the combinations with charcuterie and meats, as for example finocchiona, salami, zampone, soppressa, game charcuterie, but also saddle of pork, small wild pig steaks or deer fillets.
Then other combinations are possible as with cottage cheese cakes, but also simply spreaded on a slice of bread as snack or breakfast.




  gelatina di vin santo  
  gelatina di vin santo  
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