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the Tuscan Pecorino cheese


On our website we offer you a large selection of artisan cheeses regarding the italian, gastronomical panorama and it' possible to purchase them directly on line.

La Boutique del Gusto has decided to select some of the most famous italian cheeses, but specialized in pecorino mainly from our region: the Tuscan Pecorino cheese.

So, please, have a look to our full products' catalogue and you will find and see many other specialities of our country.

Into the section Cheeses there are: the Pecorino by Balze Volterrane, the Married Couple Pecorino, the Male Pecorino, the Red Pecorino Volterrano and other assortment of this Tuscan cheese by the agricultural company Lischeto (Volterra) and by other small artisan producers but always with high quality production.

  • PECORINO BY BALZE VOLTERRANE:it's the most famous cheese produced by company/farm Lischeto. Intense flavour with a vegetable aftertaste due especially to the used rennet (a wild artichoke). As soon as maturing grows, it's more marked the smell of "herring". A minimum maturing of 60 days is needed. To taste it with the great, traditional and aged Tuscan red wines.
  • RED PECORINO VOLTERRANO:Here a minimum maturing of 60 days is needed too, to get the full taste with the right fragrance, typical characteristics of this product. Then the cheese has to be finished with the tomato puree together with extra virgin olive oil to slacken the mould process on the surface and so avoiding chemical anti-mould products. Its flavour remains always delicate and it could be right as starter but also as main course, grilled on pan too. A good combination with all the red Tuscan wines.
  • MARRIED COUPLE PECORINO: the taste is very fine, reminding the flavour of the lightly creamy milk from pasture land. It's right also for diets with low fat percentages, in fact it contains only 36% fat. It's good if combined with dry and fresh white wines, mainly with a Vernaccia white wine from San Gimignano. It's not produced during the months of September, October and November. A minimum maturing time of 30 days is needed.
  • MALE PECORINO:the matured cheese has always a delicate but strong taste. The surface is finished with the greasy deposit protecting the interior part. It's a good dessert if combined with different kind of honey and jam, and also with dessert wines like "muffati" or with well bodied, medium aged red wines. A minimum maturing time of 180 days by cellar temperature is needed.

The Lischeto farm of Giovanni Cannas is situated on the High Valley between Cecina and Volterra along the street "Provinciale del Monte Volterrano", about 5 km far from both villages (Cecina and Volterra). The skyline of natural phenomenon as cliffs and gullies erosion is a spectacular view. The farm was born in 1963 exclusively with zootechnical and cereal characteristics. The 250 land hectares are partially used to grow cereals; the rest is pasture land for 1000 sheeps. Of course the sheeps are feeded by forages produced by the farm and they are living in a wild state and so without psychophysical stress. Consequently the milk production is perfect for the pecorino cheeses preparation. In 1990 there was the transformation start and today this farm is leader into prodcution of "organic" cheeses. The high quality standard products are exported today everywhere from Europe to USA. All the European Community rules are respected and guaranteed. All the process are "artisanal", keeping and developping the typical flavours of Tuscan sheep farming and using only the milk of the own sheeps and so considering and accepting the hard times too (in fact some cheeses are not always available !). Some products are prepared also with raw milk, thermic not finished, as for the old tradition; so very difficult cheeses, now rare to find but with an unmistakable taste. You can choose the fresh and delicate taste of the "Married Couple Pecorino", or the "Red Pecorino Volterrano" with an intense fragrance, finished with tomato puree and extra virgin olive oil on surface and matured 2 months; or the famous "Pecorino by Balze Volterrane", done with raw milk and wild artichoke rennet and matured into barrique with ash of olive and holm-oak, to the "Male Pecorino", matured 180 days in cellar, with a fine and strong taste.
All special and uncommon pecorino cheeses to be tasted by a synthesis of technological rigour and ancient knowledge.



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