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Tuscan Grappa v


La Boutique del Gusto offers on its website a large selection of  Tuscan Grappa to be purchased directly on line.
All food and wine products will be delivered to your home.

Through the diferent Tuscan Grappa selection you will find Grappa by Chianti, Grappa by Morellino di Scansano, Grappa by Brunello, and also Grappa by Chardonnay, by Ciliegiolo, by Moscadello, by Pinot Noir, by Tignanello and so on .....

The wine is "Opus Deus" because the must ferments naturally thanks to the alive leaven which are into grape's peel. While distillate is "Opus Diabolus" because it's the man taking out the alcohol using fire, the fifth essence of a natural substance. The alchemists used firstly alembic (from arab word al-ambiq), straining wine, treaded grapes and medicinal herbs to find elixir of life. In fact the alchemist, Arnaldo da Villanova (1240-1311), coined the new word "Acquavite" (spirits). He was convinced that distillate could extend the life and so he called it "acqua ardens" or "acqua vitae", that's the life's water. Then during the years distillation has developed other methods of quality standard. Grappa is an italian spirits produced by a direct marcs distillation. Marcs are the grapes peels separated from must and from wine; fermented marcs or virgin marcs let fermented after musts separation. The alcohol content of a grappa could be from 37,5% to 60%, got adding demineralized water.
The used grape quality changes of course the grappa standard, but the essential differences are given by the distillation and distiller's skill. The artisan grappa is distillated slowly through traditional alembics by a discontinuous method selecting the different marc lots. On other side the industrial distillation, using a continuous method, produces of course a lower quality standard. There are three discontinuous alembics:
Alembics on direct fire: boiler heated on a furnace with wood or gas. This system is almost disappeared because it exists the high risk to pass smoke inklings to distillate.
Alembics in bain-marie: boiler provided with a cavity for introduction of steam or hot water. It's a method which brings very good results but with enough high costs.
Alembics by steaming: it's the most used method because it brings very good performances for grappa with so high quality standard.

After distillation grappa eventually has to mature into oak barrels for few months, getting a better flavour and body and also a typical yellowish colour.



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