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We have decided to concentrate our sale mainly on Tuscan Charcuterie with pork of our region, as the classical Prosciutto, Finocchiona, Salami and Bacon or on Cinta Senese Charcuterie, an old pork breed which lives in a wild state on Tuscan region, particularly savoury and flavoured. Then there are also other excellent products as Charcuterie by goose, by duck, by wild pig, or Iberian Charcuterie as Prosciutto Serrano or Patanegra Lard.

From the last scandal of the crazy cow to the dioxin chicken, that's breeding too intensive and productive ....., it's always much more difficult to find meats and charcuterie with so high guarantee of genuineness.

The matter remains open for discussions, but it's not to forget that Italy is one of the first european producer of charcuterie with DOP and IGP marks.

But which are the reasons and factors for a good charcuterie ?

Generally four: genetics, feeding, slaughtering and the so called "animal wellbeing". A good, natural and genuine feeding with wide breeding systems without forcing animal's growth. But a good raw material is never enough; to get so particular tastes, flavours and fragrances there is the need of a person, who knows exactly the maturing time, who will not use special technologies to quicken it and who will not use artificial flavouring and additives but only spices and natural herbs. Doing all these steps, the final charcuterie will be surely of high level and standard as we have selected for you on our web-site.

Tuscan Traditional Charcuterie

Charcuterie by Cinta Senese

Varius Pork Charcuterie

Varius Charcuterie