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Artisan Cheeses

A selection of artisan cheeses in constant evolution. Starting from the italian cheeses as Pecorino Volterrano and Fossa Cheese, or from Parmesan to Strachitunt through the Pienza Pecorino and Toma Piemontese.

On sale there are artisan cheeses produced with raw milk free from colouring, preservative agents and without chemical anti-mould products, which cancel flavours and fragrances of natural milk. All these cheeses are produced in small dairys along all Italy from people who love their job and with full passion for their high quality products. 

Here you will find also some of the most famous french cheeses, as the classical Camembert or Coulommiers, but also the refined Epoisses de Bourgogne and Roquefort too. Finally there is also a small selection of other european cheeses as the well-known Stilton from England or Tete de Moine from Swiss or Cabrales and Ibores from Spain.

All vacuum-packed pieces of cheese, delivered into refrigerated packages as to receive them at home fresh and ready to be tasted !

Italian Cheeses

French Cheeses

Other European Cheeses