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artisanal salted mullet role


La Boutique del Gusto is selling on-line and delivering to your home the artisanal salted mullet role in piece or grated in glass package.

Please, have a look at our catalogue where you'll find a large selection of many artisanal products of italian and intenational food and wine. In few minutes you could purchase your products and then getting them directly at your home.
You will find also the famous salted mullet role from Orbetello, "Slow Food Protection", by a limited production but also another good salted mullet and tuna role from Sardinia region.

The salted mullet role is a finished product, which is obtained working on the ovarian sacs of fishes. The most famous products are produced with grey mullet and tuna. To get the salted mullet role it's needed to select the best fresh fish and then to work and prepare them by the specifical experience of many years. The ovarian sacs have to be taken out carefully from the fish, then to be salted and slowly dried and finally vacuum-packed.
The salted mullet role from Orbetello Lagoonis a Slow Food Protection which preserves its production and sale against the industry, which is offering on the market very lower prices but poor quality too due to the quicker production/process and due also to the materials, coming from intensive breeding.
The drying and smoking process have been always used also in the past to preserve food longer. People from Orbetello have learned this operations under the rule of Spanish; in fact Spanish, skilful navigators, have always used to dry and to smoke the fish preserving it for their long journeys. The different steps of this operation are the same as in the past and all done by artisan ways. There are traces of "buttagre" (like salted mullet role !) just at the time of the communes, used as reward for the water utilization. The Orbetello Lagoon Fishing  is working from many years, trying to increase the value of all lagoon fishing resources.
The efforts are going also in the direction of conservation and environmental protection, favouring the fishing product's uniqueness as for quality, flavour, taste and freshness. The total integrity of Orbetello lagoon environment, situated in one of the best italian naturalistic oasis, is far from any industrial site; all these characteristics are giving to this atypical "coast pond" the compatibility between economical growth and environmental protection.
The vacuum-packed packages guarantee a long and correct preservation, keeping freshness and full mediterranean flavours.
With salted mullet role it's easy to prepare appetizing spaghetti and delicious croutons as starter.

Croutons with Salted Mullet Role

Igredients for 4 persons:
150 gr. salted mullet role
50 gr. butter
ground pepper

Soften butter and mix it with salted mullet role, adding fresh ground pepper; then spread this mixture on croutons of toasted bread, sprinkling some drops of lemon.
To be tasted with a good white wine.

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