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Aubergine fillets and dried small tomatos prepared and pot by hand, as...
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Presents Packages

Do you want to do some presents but you cannot give them personally ? Do you have may-be some friends too far from you, or your brothers/sisters or parents have moved, or you have a company and you want to do some presents to your main partners, suppliers or clients ....???

Well, here you will find a selection of presents for next Christmas 2008, to be bought on-line and to let them delivered where you wish in Italy but also abroad !

Naturally they are Italian or European food products, packed in very elegant boxes and decorated with Christmas bows and ornaments; and inside we can also put your greetings card, written by hand, if you will request it at the end of your order/confirmation.

Christmas baskets filled with typical products from Italian food and wine, but also with French cheeses and Iberian charcuterie. We have done a selection of all the best products on our catalogue with attention to quality and typicality of Italian but mainly Tuscan panorama. Because during Christmas it's always a pleasure to taste something special !

Each Christmas basket is a "subject". There are in fact the Cinta Senese Package with all the charcuterie by Cinta Senese pork and the Fisherman Package for all fish lovers. Then leaving Italy, you will find the French Cheeses Package with a selection of best French cheeses. Otherwise the Mixed Tuscan Honey Package with the different honeys from Millefiori to Corbezzolo honey. Finally there are the Tris Pasta Package and Tuscan Flavours with all the best from our region.

They are only some proposals, but if you will need big quantities, may-be for company presents, you can easily contact us and we'll be glad to study special and personal packages and prices for your own requirements.

The box in wood, packed with ribbon, contains:
-1 Balsamic Vinegar from Modena n.5 ...
Price:  60,50€


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The manilla box, packed with ribbon, contains:
- 1 Cinta Senese Finocchiona, a vacu...
Price:  93,50€


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The wicker basket, packed with ribbon, bow and Christmas decoration, contains as follows:...
Price:  132,00€


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The box, packed with ribbon, contains:
- 1 Matured Mortadella of Prato g.700 ca.
Price:  118,80€


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