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Charcuterie  »  Tuscan Traditional Charcuterie

Tuscan Finocchiona gr.650 ca.

It's one of the most famous tuscan charcuterie. It's done by the same way of "salami" but with a difference, because "finocchiona" doesn't contains lard as "salami". The fat for "finocchiona" comes from the pork cheeks and paunches, which are minced grossly together with selected lean meats. The main characteristic of this particular charcuterie is the presence of wild fennel. It has to mature in 30 days and not lesser. It's not tied up by hand but only a red net is used.
Vacuum-packed piece: gr. 650 ca. Producer: MACELLERIA MARINI PT-SALUMIFICIO MANNORI PO-


Price:  12,10€