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Legumes and Cereals

Beans from "Sorana" IGP gr.350 MARIANI

The Sorana bean, so tender and delicate, has a so thin and smooth hull, which merges during cooking completly with pulp. It's so demanded not only for its organoleptic properties but also for its easy digestibility. The field, on which it grows, is rich of sand and gravel along the river Pescia. It's called "ghiareto", an alluvial field with strips of land on the left side of the river, where to place the supports for the creeper plants. The perfect area goes from Sorana Bridge to Castelvecchio Bridge but the growing is possible also on other river's arm in direction of Mulino di Stiappa. But the best, best area is called Ortochiaro. Package: gr. 350 - Producer: AZIENDA AGRICOLA MARIANI, Sorana

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