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Legumes and Cereals

Beans Zolfini from "Pratomagno" gr.350 AGOSTINELLI

It's the most precious tuscan legume, typical from Pratomagno, a hill-area between Arezzo and Florence. Its name comes from the particular pale yellow colour, which is similar to sulphur (in italian language "zolfo", and so "zolfini" !). A rare bean, fine but savoury, with a thin hull and so no need to stay for long time in water and also high digestibility. On the market it's easy to find a lot of similar products, but NOT original ! We offer you the original and true "Zolfino Bean from Pratomagno" (Reggello selection) of Mr. Mario Agostinelli, a well-known producer especially of high-quality legumes, because picked and selected all by hands in observance of sizes and characteristics of this bean. These beans have to stay in water for about one hour and the cooking-time on slow flame is approx. two hours.
Package: gr. 350 - Producer: MARIO AGOSTINELLI, Reggello

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