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artisan pasta


La Boutique del Gusto is selling on-line different kind of artisan pasta, classical or egg-pasta, all drawn through bronze produced by hand and dried on open air, with an unmistakable taste.

Looking into our website you will find the catalogue of many other italian products that you can purchase directly on line and then be delivered at your home. On our website there are: spaghetti, penne, linguine, maccheroni and other pasta of producer Martelli family, all with excellent quality and exclusively artisan.

Our artisan pasta is produced in Lari from year 1926 from an artisanal pasta factory: Martelli family.

It's produced mixing slowly the best brans of hard wheat with cold water through a bronze drawn, which gives a rough aspect and then dried at low traditional temperature (ca. 33-36°) for 50 hours depending on atmospheric conditions. This pasta doesn't contain salt and italian law

Only Martelli family is working into the pasta factory thanks to a long professionalism and passion continuing in this production under  the italian artisan tradition. It contains no preservatives or colouring matter. Once the mixture is prepared and ready, it has to be drawn into bronze moulds to get the different pasta shapes. The process are of course not yet finished because the mixture contains too water; about 30% of its weight. So on these circumstances the final product cannot be put into conservation. Then pasta has to dry and finally it's ready to be discovered the difference between artisanal and industrial taste.

The secret of Martelli pasta is the drying/process, that's the most delicate phase of all production. Pasta has to dry slowly on open air to eliminate all the humidity, which has to be not more than 12,5%. This so slow drying/process differentiate an artisan product to an industrial one, and thanks to it pasta becomes so tasty and with good porosity, keeping well the sauces. You will find different kind of pasta, from spaghettini and penne to the classical tuscan maccheroni.


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