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Lard from Colonnata


"La Boutique del Gusto" offers directly on line the possibility to purchase traditional Tuscan charcuterie as the Lard from Colonnata IGP. It's available on different pieces as for example by 2 kg. as 500 gr.
Since year 2004 the Lard from Colonnata has got the mark IGP from the European Community. Only the lard, produced in Colonnata by a strict disciplinary, can adorn itself with name "Lard from Colonnata IGP" reading as follows "Guaranteed by Ministry of Agricultural, Alimentary and Forest Policy according to the law (CE) 510/06".
So distrust of imitations .....!

How to use the Lard from Colonnata:
You can use it in different ways. As seasoning for sauté together with olive oil, onion and garlic preparing vegetables or stew. Cut in very small cubes and let browned to dress nice salads with chicory, boiled cabbage and potatos. But it's excellent also on a slice of bread together with tomato, onion and rucola. Or chopped together with garlic and parsley for preparation of pizzas, croutons of bread and canapés.
It's a delight for palate if tasted with honey or melon.
How to preserve the Lard from Colonnata:
After having cut it, you have to fold up the rind on the body cut and then roll up the lard's piece into a humid tea towel and put it into a fresh place as the bottom of a refrigerator. Better of course in a cellar. Very important: not to remove its salt.

We don't know exactly when our ancestors started to salt the lard, but still now the lard rests for different months into the fresh and humid cellars of Colonnata, perfect for its maturing, inside marble pots.
In the past it was the food, with bread, for people working into the mines. And as all poor products, it lost importance as soon as the economical conditions were better. But Colonnata citizens have always kept the marble pots full of lard. It has been and it's like their flag, a piece of their land.

Everyone has the own method to salt it and it's not easy to recognize the differences. It's always lard with salt, rosemary and spices, but each salting is a master's meticulous rite, transforming a pork part of minor importance into a very delicious product, appreciated by the finest gourmets too. 

lardo di colonnata

lardo di colonnata IGP