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artisan Tuscan honey


La Boutique del Gusto is offering and selling a large selection of artisan Tuscan honey.

On our website you will find the classical Millefiori honey, Acacia honey, Honeydew from wood, Eucalyptus honey, Chestnut honey, and other Toscan honey, all produced by company Poggio agli Ulivi with limited quantities but excellent quality.

  • MILLEFIORI HONEY:it's the classical Tuscan honey with right texture and good and particular flavour. It's possible to have it in liquid or crystallized versions. All is prepared and produced into the company. It's perfect any time.
  • ACACIA HONEY: an excellent product with sweet, light and delicate flavour and a wonderful light colour.This honey doesn't crystallized too much, while it's always available liquid. It's produced into the wood near Arezzo and then prepared into the company. The colour is water white. It's perfect to be combined with cheeses, especially pecorino cheese, but also as sweetener for milk, coffee or tea and infusion too. As for popular pharmacopoeia this honey contains detoxicating properties for liver and anti-inflammatory properties for throat.
  • CHESTNUT HONEY:the right chestnut for this honey is the wild one. The bees pick up the nectar from "male" flowers, plenty of pollen, because the quickest pollination way for chestnut is the wind. For this reason the chestnut honey contains a lot of pollen, which gives also a strong taste. Honey of great value with a typical bitterish flavour, enough strong and pungent. The so good colour is dark red. Produced in Reggello village and prepared and finished into the company. Right as sweetener, it's the best honey for a good cup of tea.
  • HONEYDEW FROM WOOD: It's a so particular "honeydew", produced in a so wonderful fir-wood in Vallombrosa valley. It's an extremely difficult production but with high demanded properties. It's the most famous and it's different from "millefiori honeydew" because bitterish flavour. The colour is enough dark, but it's excellent for tea or generally as sweetener. Production is not large but enough narrow.
  • STRAWBERRY TREE HONEY:This particular honey, with so high qualities, is produced during Fall season in Maremma region and then prepared and manufactured at the farm. The flavour is enough bitter and pungent and it's crystallizing irregularly. The colour is light-white. Right for cake's preparation. It's considered also a good anti-asthmatic.
  • EUCALYPTUS HONEY: The production is in Maremma region, where it's plenty of this eucalyptus plant (Eucaliptus Camaldulensis Dehmh). The honey is really good with a very particular flavour and taste, at the beginning too bitter, but then step by step it will be easy to appreciate it and its properties. Generally it's crystallizing in a compact way. Light amber colour with special smell and long flavour. It can be used for a lot of domestic needs, also to treat the cold. Into kitchen it's used to prepare aromatic, sweet and sour sauces.
  • SULLA HONEY:"Sulla" is a forage plant, typical of the mediterranean territories. It flowers at the end of Spring season with nice red flowers. Its smell is very soft and its flavour is delicate and agreeable. In Fall season it's crystallizing in compact way (not hard). Right for breakfast or as sweetener.

The company Poggio agli Ulivi is producing in Tuscan a large selection of typical artisan honey, which have become more important on the market due to their special characteristics. On a nice oasis the bees are doing regularly their job and also the man is taking care about the rest with the same love and old tradition. The smell, the so intense colour and the flavour are only some of the values on this product. All the honey is produced in Tuscan region partially directly by the company as the Millefiori honey and the Honeydew and the rest through a hard itinerant project moving each year the bee hives into the different woods of our region looking for the best flowering; so honeys like Acacia, Chestnut, Strawberry Tree, Eucalyptus, Sulla and the famous Honeydew from Wood are produced in the areas of Vallombrosa, Reggello, Pistoia and Maremma. The honeydew is a kind of particular honey, which doesn't come from flowers' nectar but from lymph of some plants species, elaborated from some insects and picked up from bees on leaves. In the last years the company has got many prizes for the so high quality honey but mainly also for the honeydew, becoming one of the main producer. We suggest the honey of company Poggio agli Ulivi not only as sweetener but also to be tasted together with cheeses and generally to be used for all the best recipes.


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