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Cinta Senese Charcuterie


On our website there are different excellent products of Cinta Senese Charcuterie, all of them prepared in vacuum-packed pieces to be purchased directly on line and received easily at home. In a very simple and quick way you can select and order all products that you wish ! There are no minimum/quantities and so, even if you will order only one product, we'll deliver it to you. So for any need, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

To have a look into our whole offer, you can click here or you can check our products' catalogue.

Here below, please, remark some of our Cinta Senese Charcuterie from the most delicate to the most tasty:

  • Lonza by Cinta Senese: it's one of the most noble charcuterie, thanks to its softness and delicacy. It's produced with the pork loin and let matured two/four months depending on the final use. If it's fresh, then we suggest to have it as "carpaccio"seasoned with a drop of olive oil, while if it's matured, then better to have it as simple charcuterie.
  • Lard by Cinta Senese: it's produced with pork shoulders and back of approx. 12-14 months age. We suggest to taste it on a fine slice of hot roasted bread. It's a perfect product to prepare also recipes with meat and fish.
  • Capocollo by Cinta Senese: it's produced with last part of pork loin (the neck), and let marinaded in Chianti wine for a couple of days with salt, pepper and different spices. It shows itself with parts of lean meat alternated with soft and delicate fat layers.
  • Ham by Cinta Senese: it's may-be the top product. It's prepared still as in the past and maturing happens on air without air-conditioned rooms (cells) as on the contrary used for the typical industrial products.
  • Spalla (Ham) by Cinta Senese: it's produced with the pork front part and it's still a very typical product. It's much more tasty than ham and it's served generally as charcuterie combined with some seasonal figs.
  • Bacon by Cinta Senese: a simple but so agreeable product. Produced with pork adipose layer; in Tuscan region it's called also "Rigatino". If chopped in small cubes, it's perfect for preparation of pasta recipes like "amatriciana" and "carbonara".
  • Guanciale by Cinta Senese: it comes from the pork cheek (in italian language: "guancia") which is salted and matured. It's good to lard roast meats or to fill fish and meats too.
  • Salami by Cinta Senese: the main organoleptic characteristics of this salami are the acidity's absence and the so soft and sweet taste. It's produced with selected first quality pork meats like shoulders, scamerites and ham trims.
  • Finocchiona by Cinta Senese: the fat for this product comes from the pork cheeks and paunches, which are minced grossly with lean meats.

The Cinta Senese breed is a pork which lives in a wild state on Tuscan fields and woods feeding on everything as acorns, roots, tubers, truffles and herbs. Only in some periods of the year this pork receive also natural feeds as sweet corn, barley etc. Always same products, used by all the partners of the pool "Cinta Senese Corporation".
The origin-area of this breed is the territory around Siena, where already in year 1300 some traces have been found.
The name "Cinta Senese" comes from the white stripe around withers, shoulders and lower limbs.

The higher price of Cinta Senese breed comes exactly from the pork meats, which costs the double compared to a normal, standard pork.
The average age of a Cinta Senese pork is approx. 14-15 months; and it's much lesser fertile than a normal standard pork.

  lonza di cinta senese
  lardo di cinta erbe
pancetta di cinta
prosciutto di cinta senese