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artisan chocolate


On our web-site you will find a large choice of artisan chocolate of company La Molina, to be purchased on-line and receiving all directly at your home. High quality chocolate, dark and milk chocolate, in different sizes and formats as classical mattonella or chocolate in case or chocolate in powder for cup preparation.

Furthermore you will find on our catalogue a selection of other italian food and wine products to be ordered in simple and quick way.

We suggest mainly the artisan chocolate of company La Molina.
The Lunardi brothers are preparing a large selection of chocolate products in the own laboratory in Quarrata (a small village near Pistoia), all done with high quality raw materials coming from the best top cacao producers of different countries.
Nel nostro catalogo trovereti i loro cretti, small artisan chocolates created by La Molina studying the special shape, thickness, dimensions and weight, to get a perfect and good tasting also for the most exacting consumer. They are the result of a long research for fragrances and combinations into the dark version with mediterranean flavours as into the milk version. For these reasons they have prepared "cretti with sage and rosemary", as with tuscan spices or with wild fennel, but also the "cretti by milk chocolate", produced with the best cacao Criollos, Foresteros and Trinitarios from South America, blended with milk and cream.
For dark chocolate's lovers there are the "mattonelle" with hazelnuts from Langhe, or with almonds and figs.
At the end you will find also the milk chocolate bars with mint or dark chocolate bars with chilli pepper or with orange.

Some history on chocolate:
Chocolate is a very old food, coming from cacao beans and done by a mixture of cacao (with or without butter) and sugar. The cacao plant's origins are very old; may-be already 6000 years ago into region of Amazon Brook. The first farmers, who grew the cacao plants, were the Maya people around 1000 before Christ and exactly the third Maya King Hunahpu.
Into Europe chocolate arrived on year 1528, when Cortes, conqueror of Mexico, brought into Spain the cacao seeds, which were the nourishment for Atzech people. So spanish people created a mixture with roasted cacao and sugar, calling it "chocolate". Then into year 1600 chocolate arrived into Italy too.
It's produced now into the various shapes; from bar to small chocolates as on other forms by industrial or artisan way especially during feast days.
Beside it, chocolate is used also into many cakes.
Starting from cacao paste and adding cacao butter, vanille and sugar we get the dark chocolate; while adding milk or milk in powder we get the milk chocolate.

  cretti al latte
  cretti sapori mediterranei
mattonella mandorle e fichi
mattonella nocciole