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About us

La Boutique del Gusto is an e-commerce site, belonging to the company Nunquam SAS, which selects and offers on-line to all customers a large choice  of high-quality food products, done by real, specialized “artisans”.

The story of our company starts from a group of good friends and excellent gourmets , who have tasted, appreciated and selected in all these years and during many tours all the highest and finest food-quality. Then in 1999 we have decided to make profit of all our experiences, starting a company which is specialized in finest Italian wine and food products and others too.

In our web-site we try always to have available so special products that you will find hardly in other sale channels; through a very simple “click” you could order and get easily at your home without stress all these products.

In our staff there are one sommelier (AIS), one professional chef and experienced gourmets.

We like too much good food, good wine, good everything and we are never satisfied with simple and industrial food like cheese, which smell always the same, or like ham coming from intensive stock-farms for the big distribution, which asks only huge production in short times.
We are ready to wait ! To wait that dairyman will produce cheese still with his own hands, to wait that our cakes will rise in natural way or that our pasta will dry slowly ….. but we would like to offer only high-quality products.

We are convinced that on this way through the web, we’ll find somebody interested in our philosophy of good and healthy food.

It’s enough to buy a single product and we’ll be at your full disposal through e-mail to assist you with an on-line consultation in the food section or for any inquiry like combinations food-wine, sauces-cheese, or recipes, menù preparation etc.


La Boutique del Gusto
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